Professional Reveals Secrets To Cleaning Dog Urine In Carpet

You must be careful to clean all the affected areas when you are cleaning dog urine in carpet especially if you are carpet cleaning during paper training because the animal might learn to go back to that area.

Do-it-yourself Pet Stain Removal- cleaning dog urine in carpet

If you have pets, I suggest the one item you should have for your home is the best steam carpet cleaners or a hand held steam carpet cleaners.I also recommend having liquid carpet cleaners on hand before you need them

Here is another home carpet cleaning remedy.

If a pet has an accident on your carpet or upholstery, and you get to it while still wet, what do you do? Think safety first. 1.Safety first. This is animal excrement and there are germs and bacteria in there. Follow proper precautions and wear the proper protective equipment.When cleaning dog urine in carpet use the best home carpet cleaners available or hand held steam carpet cleaners. Simply suck up any liquid. This will allow the urine to be sucked up out of the fiber. If nothing else is available, use paper towels but be careful not to mash the urine into the padding.. I recommend hand held steam carpet cleaners because the more convenient the machine, the more likely you are to get it out of the closet when a minor accident occurs. The larger, upright carpet cleaning machines are too bulky for small problems but are handy to have around when you are sprucing up before guest arrive.

After you've removed all the liquid you possibly can, treat the area with a proper spot remover or enzyme.

The big mistake most pet owners make when cleaning dog urine in carpet is adding the wrong type of spot remover to a urine spot before they remove the urine. Doing this will give you a puddle of urine with some spot remover in it. This is hardly considered cleaning. Make sure you remove any liquid matter BEFORE adding a spot remover.

What cleaning agents to use AFTER the liquid has been removed

Enzymes are usually the best cleaning agent for urine, vomit, and feces. You must use an enzyme for any spot that isn't fresh.

I recommend an enzyme by an all-natural chemical manufacturer called stain be gone, but any effective enzyme will work in the same way. An enzyme is the only cleaning agent that actually eats up the bad bacteria in urine. It can be used on carpet, upholstery, and wood. There are many enzymes on the market. Some work well, some do not.

You can also dilute 1 cup of white distilled vinegar with one cup of water. The acid base of vinegar will help removal of a fresh urine spot, but it won't actually digest any of the urine like an enzyme does. A neutral ph spotting agent works well for general cleaning of the spot as well.


Never use any high ph or high residue product. This would include ammonia and some over the counter spotters. Sorry, I resolved not to name names. I have seen many instances where the wrong product caused a urine stain to be permanent. The use of oxygen bleach is also risky on many carpets.

Removing the dog urine carpet cleaning Stain

After you've extracted the liquid and treated the spot, you'll still have a stain on the carpet. You'll need to rinse the spot before it becomes a permanent stain. Use plain water to rinse the spotting agent out.

If you have a spot removal machine that allows you to rinse with water, put plain water with no detergent in the tank. Lightly rinse the area and follow with several dry vacuum passes. You want to remove as much animal urin as possible and treat with enzymes.

If pet urine stays in the carpet or upholstery for an extended period of time, it will permanently stain. Even worse, it will eventually eat away the backing of the fiber and destroy the carpet or upholstery. Not to mention the obvious unhealthy situation and odor the urine will cause.

The best thing you can do for any type of pet accident is remove it right away.

When cleaning dog urine in carpet the longer the problem stays in the fiber, the worse the problem becomes. Professional cleaning is still necessary for overall maintenance every 6-12 months if a pet lives in the home.

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