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I will share with you some home carpet cleaning remedies. Only a reputable professional carpet cleaner can thoroughly remove all dirt, soil, pollen, and other bio-pollutants from your carpet; however, there are certain home carpet cleaning remedies that are effective for use in between professional cleanings. As someone who owns his own carpet cleaning company and has been in the cleaning business for many years, I am happy to share my special do-it-yourself carpet cleaning tips with the public.

My first and most important of the home carpet cleaning remedies is one that seems obvious but that I cannot stress enough: thoroughly vacuum your carpet with a powerful vacuum with HEPA filtration. Without that filter you are blowing dust back into the air and it will settle on any horizontal surface, including your carpet. Don't make more work for yourself. Do it right the first time.

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Regular vacuuming does more to prolong the life of a carpet than just about any other home cleaning remedy. Most people think of dirt as just an aesthetic problem, so they only clean their carpet when it looks dirty. The ugly truth is that by the time a carpet looks dirty to the naked eye, it is actually quite filthy. And the dirt that has been building up in a dirty carpet has been working like sandpaper against the fibers of the carpet.

One of the tips I give people regarding do-it-yourself carpet cleaning and spot removal is to invest in a good home carpet steam cleaner, or at least a hand held steam cleaner. These machines can do a for instant stain removal, which will help keep your entire carpet cleaner, longer. Many people don't realize that a spot or stain, if left untreated, will contribute to the soiling of the rest of the carpet through tracking.

I have reviewed several machines and rated the ones I like the best.

Best Home Steam Vacuums For Home Carpet Cleaning Remedies

There is one stain, however, that you want to allow to dry before you remove it, and that is mud. If you've ever tried to wipe or scrub mud off a carpet you know it doesn't do much good. But let that same mud completely dry and you can easily vacuum it up with a standard vacuum cleaner. For more great tips from carpet cleaning remedies join our blog. Finally, when you're ready for your annual professional cleaning, only hire a company that follows proper procedures. To find out how to hire the right cleaner for you...check out: How To Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner

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