Reviews On Dirt Devil Carpet Cleaners

Hello, I am going to discuss reviews on Dirt Devil carpet cleaners here. I am going to cover their three main carpet cleaning models and discuss the Dirt Devil spot scrubber, their hand held carpet cleaners. By implementing a few simple carpet care steps, you can prolong the life of your carpet and improve the air quality in your home. Step one is to thoroughly vacuum at least once a week (more if you have pets or children). Step two is to hire a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year. And step three is to rent or purchase a steam cleaner for use in between professional cleanings.

Before you rent or buy a machine I strongly encourage you to compare carpet steam cleaners different functions and you even may want to compare other manufacturers as well. I've been in the carpet cleaning business for most of my life and I can tell you that not all steam cleaners are created equal. The best do-it-yourself steam cleaners should be as much like professional machines as possible.

Now for the reviews on Dirt Devil carpet cleaners

MCE6605 Jaguar Deluxe Carpet Shampooer

MCE6600 Easy Steamer Deluxe

MCE6000 Featherlite Carpet Extractor

When reviewing the Dirt Devil carpet cleaning machines, I discovered many similarities and important differences. All three models came in just under $100.00, have replaceable filters, 5-row brush to gently agitate soils and all three require assembly.

The Jaguar Deluxe Carpet Shampooer and the Easy Steamer Deluxe both have 12 amp motors, on board tools and a powered hand tool. They both weigh 19 lbs and have blow molded hose type. The Featherlite Carpet Extractor is lightweight and easy to carry from room to room or up and down stairs. This model has a 5.2 amp motor but only weights 12 lbs.

The important thing to remember when comparing cleaners for purchase (or even rental) is that you want a good balance between maneuverability and cleaning power. Some home steam cleaners are super powerful but too heavy for the average person to use with ease.

Now I was most impressed with the reviews on Dirt Devil carpet cleaners hand carpet cleaners. The Spot Scrubber, a portable, handheld shampooer quickly and easily removes dreaded spots in minutes. It is a fun little spotter and great to have around. You would not want to do an entire room with it, but as far as handheld steam carpet cleaners go it is my pick.

Please remember when cleaning yourself- Do Not Over wet! Do Not use too much cleaning solution! Use the correct solutions. Some cleaners can permanently set the stain making it impossible to remove.

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